Monday, November 08, 2010

Diana Laufenberg @ TEDxMidAtlantic

Start watching at 22:50
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Diana was the only speaker at this TED event to get a standing ovation. In a nutshell she is saying having students consistently going for the right answer is "missing the mark" on real education. We need to "embrace failure" as part of the learning experience. It is part of the instructional process.

I am moved by this talk every time she gives it. I watch her career closely and teach with her, this is how I have heard this before. I highly recommend you watch this, especially if you are in the fight to get students the education they deserve. Diana will give you words to use in your debates about education needing to change that are factual and backed up with experience.

Every decision and experience has shaped Diana's view on education. This view is thoughtful, clear and consistent. She is a champion for teachers and students all over the world.

Great job Diana! And thank you!

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