Thursday, May 07, 2015

Code Fluent

Why is this not a thing?! I want my son to grow up code fluent. I want him to lean the language of code as he learns to read. I want to develop this curriculum and teach young teacher to do this... Now  I just need the time to make this happen.

Saturday, April 18, 2015

Poetry - By Marcie Hull

I have been writing some poetry lately... Thinking of publishing a book called First World: W1nning. This was all inspired by reaching for a plastic bag Friday morning to put my lunch in to take to work.

Plastic Bags
Oh plastic bags how I hate you
But keep using you
The noise you make when I am barely asleep
Urks me to the core
You transport my lunch
And keep my hair dry in a pinch
You stick in my trees
Fill up the land fill 
But most of all you never go away

Single Serving Life Style
My oceans are plastic
Fish feed on the colorful bits
Receipts pollute my body 
Plastic in my body
Plastic in my blood
I sit on you
I drink from you
I eat from you 
I toss you

I fear you 
you are the only time I get to rest

Urban Anxiety
Impending doom

My car is awesome and fancy
It reflects my personality 
Parking makes me hate my car
Which means I hate myself
Parking in the city is like playing russian roulette
Parking in the city can be like renting a high class apartment 
Or a second mortgage payment
Parking in the city can be two hours game 
called avoid the parking authority

Laughing at Us
The dolphins think
You have job
And they laugh, that special dolphin cackle 
You have money
And they laugh
You have religion
And they laugh
They swim
They eat
Little kids feed them fish 
It is all free

Confusion is funny?
Bullying is funny?
Noobs are hilarious?
The theme is the same
Entertainment is banal

You are a machine to sell me stuff
You sell e-cigarettes to children
A new generation of nicotine addicts
50 years of anti nicotine down the drain
Laugh tracks are embarrassing 
Commercials are offensive
Timing is psychology

Soy Milk Almond Milk
Like greek yogurt you are an environmental disaster
You are the hipster alternative to cows milk
A vegetarian and vegans dream or advert guilt 
A splendorous refreshment with hidden dangers for our environment 

Car chargers
iPhone chargers
Andriod chargers
Watch chargers
Heart monitor chargers
Computer chargers
This modern convenience of battery operated technology
Hung by the charger noose 

Cheap Clothes
Thank you 13 year old with no bed to sleep in for making me this disposable T-Shirt
Thank you 3rd world nations for taking our loosing super bowl team t-shirts

Selfie Struggle
Which one
Which one
The one that I’m looking not looking
Duck lips
Messy hair 
Which one 
Which one
Tired eyes
Sad day
Attention seeking
Bai I miss you
Which one 
Which one

Earbud Tangle

I cry when you go down
I cry when you show me Facebook friends 
Having a better life than me
I cry when your off
I cry when your on
My data plan loves you
My ego hates you
Hot spots 
Hot spots 
Hot spots
Connect me to the world
The world of the internet
My life
My work
My secret guilt
Connect me
Fill me

I don’t know what you are
But I never have enough of you
You rule my phone bill 
And keep my cable bill so high
Data you choke me
Data you get throttled by my ISP and I never know
Poor data
Rich data
Data data data

Planned Obsolescence 
I love you technology
I hate it when you do not work
My head explodes when you don’t work 
Because an engineer planned it that way

Chip can
I can’t fit my hand 
In the chip can

(***this idea was brought up in my art class, when I asked for first it is not my original thought)

Trees in the City
Littering the city streets with your spring pollination
Effecting my sinuses with your sex
Standing lonely lining concrete sidewalks
Pushed against the sides of buildings and curbs
Growing though iron fences
Roots pushing up my walk
Tripping me
Trees in the city sorrowful beauty

Baby Toys
There are too many
So many made out of plastic
But they are for learning you need them
Relax, it’s just a toy
Buy them buy them buy them
Fill your house, garage and storage space

Storage Space
I need a place for my stuff to live
I pay rent to have it safe
I need a place for my stuff to live 
Please let me rest at night
My stuff is safe 
And I can sleep
Renting space for my stuff

Blog is blocked
Filter says I am suspicious
No posting during school hours
Blog is blocked
My self expression is blocked
My soul is blocked

I am suspicious 

Hopefully more to come :)

Monday, May 27, 2013

Tech Rav Visits SLA

Tech Rav came to SLA and had this to say about us...
"The first classroom we went was a 9th grade science class. The year is a combined BioChem study. Students learn in a large room containing both a lab and an area for desks. Students are graded mostly based on their projects which all have detailed rubrics. They also receive occasional quizzes called Standards on core skills they need to master. However, what differentiates this from a regular class is that a student can retake a Standard as many times as they want until they master it. The assessment is not designed to label the student but to help the student achieve mastery.
What interested me the most in this class was watching students who were conducting lab experiments. These weren't highly scripted labs like ones you would find in a typical biology or chemistry class. These were open-ended explorations some students were conducting, while others were collaborating on laptops, in preparation for an upcoming science fair. I was also impressed with how the students carefully cleaned their lab equipment when the activity was done. Students clearly felt ownership of their learning and treated their learning environment with respect.
One other item which I LOVED is that every freshman in addition to their regular science class takes a semester of engineering. The reason they gave for this is that engineering is the classic inquiry based learning model since it is about solving problems in the real world. This engineering class then becomes the model that students follow in all of their other classes throughout their four years at SLA."
You can read the entire post here. 

Thanks, Tech Rav! Come back and see us any time!

Would you like to visit SLA? Call (215) 979 - 5620